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Know Before You Go – What You Need To Know About Beach Flag Safety

Know Before You Go – What You Need To Know About Beach Flag Safety

Planning a beach day?  Be sure to check the forecast not just for the overall weather but for the beach specifically so you know what you can and can’t do, what to expect when you get there and what additional beach items may be necessary!

  • Green Flag – “If green flags are waiving, the kids are playing!” The green flags flying at the beach mean all is calm and beautiful, these are the beach days dreams are made of with calm seas. These days usually show 0-1ft. waves!  Make sure to apply extra sunscreen because days like these can make you burn before you even know it!
  • Yellow Flag – Yellow Flags at the beach mean the surf is usually a little heavier, but not by much, 1-2ft usually. Just use extra caution when in the water.
  • Purple Flag – Purple Flag beach days mean there is potentially harmful marine life in the area. Often times you may see purple flags flying simultaneously with a green, yellow or red flag.  On these days, use your judgement on entering the water.
  • Red Flag – Red Flags flying mean that the waters have high surf and you should stay out of the water. You can still play in the sand, relax in your beach chair or take a walk along the beach!  Just don’t get in, unless you are a surfer with a personal floatation device.
  • Double Red Flag – Double Red Flags waiving mean there is no entering the water due to dangerous conditions for various conditions.

For the full beach forecast with tide times, wind speeds, wave heights and more, check out our friends at https://www.windfinder.com/forecast/saint_pete_beach for the latest details so you can have #TheUltimateRandR!


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